‘In 2019 I took on a new leadership role and the company offered me the opportunity to enrol in an executive coaching program. And yes … Heidi is a fantastic executive coach! During very inspiring coaching sessions, she gave me a series of easy-to-use tips and tricks to perform well in my new challenging role. While staying close to my core values, I manage to prioritize high-level strategic topics over operational tasks, to practice new concepts on delegating assignments to colleagues, to relax mentally and very importantly to ENJOY. Thank you so much Heidi!’

Kristine De Sutter, Managing Director, 'Ablynx'

‘As part of my Henkel training program, I attended a training in Bratislava on emotional and social effectiveness. Thanks to high professionalism of Heidi and very pragmatic approach during the course (right balance between practice cases & theory), I could practice every day what I learnt during these 2 days training.’

Emmanuel Gentric- Project Manager Process Consulting EMEA at Henkel- Logistic executionEmmanuel Gentric, Project Manager Process Consulting EMEA, 'Henkel'

Like for many others, the current Covid 19 crisis has brought a challenging time in my professional career as I have found myself in a working transition phase start of 2020. This has clearly created an unexpected slowdown in picking up on my next career opportunity. During this time, it has been my priority to invest this precious time in upgrading myself and clearly define my professional profile.
Here Heidi played a key role for me as I had chosen her as an executive coach. We well clicked from the start defining SMART objectives and ensuring their fulfilment. She has provided me precious support in allowing me to clearly outline my key selling points and therefore improving on my ability to assertively transmit them to potential employers. Thank you Heidi!

General Manager at Le Loise Hotel Brussels- MGalleryVierri Biticchi, General Manager, 'Le Louise Hotel, Brussels-MGallery'

‘I can highly recommend Heidi as a professional coach. By a very investigative way she is able to find the deep causes and then to lead you to a sustainable improvement action. Heidi helped me a lot to keep the focus in a very demanding and changing environment.’

Robert Gross, Team Leader Global Program Management- AGCRobert Gross, Team Leader Global Program Management, 'AGC'

‘Heidi is a great executive coach. She can very quickly recognize your strengths and also shore up those areas that need it. She also isn’t afraid to push you to grow and be the best leader that you can be. I highly recommend her!’

Joe Stevens, Head Pet Vet Parasiticides, Global Strategic Business Unit, 'Boehringer Ingelheim'

‘Heidi Kempenaers is very good at evaluating the capability of the person with systematic approach and multi-dimensional view. Besides, she knows well how to open the door of human mind, and coach the person so that the person could recognize the right direction self. It was valuable to get the coaching from Heidi.’

Jaekil Joo, Global General Manager, 'Bosch'

‘Heidi’s coaching intervention has been a critical turning point in my career path. There are 3 points that made Heidi’s coaching very powerful for me: 1. She created a safe coaching space in a very personalized way, that matched my needs. And I could work deep on my motivation drivers to bring the most authentic self to the conversation. 2. Heidi was bringing me out of my comfort zone in relevant moments. I was challenged beyond my comfort zone with being pushed. It enabled me to meet my new self and welcome it. 3. Heidi has always been paying attention to make her coaching actionable beyond the coaching session itself. She supported me in bringing my aspirations to life via tangible tasks between 2 sessions and enabled progress. Shortly said, Heidi’s coaching has been both an eye and door opener for me. Thank you!’

Jan Liska, Global Patient Strategy Lead- SanofiJan Liska, Global Patient Strategy Lead, 'Sanofi'

‘As coach, Heidi is combining her intuition and inner wisdom with a result-oriented approach. Her drive to move forward is done with humor and lightness. This leads to sustainable effects with the coachees. Heidi’s capacity to reflect on her work gives you the quality assurance that you need!’

Leen Lambrechts-Noël- MCC- Accredited Coach SupervisorLeen Lambrechts-Noël, Accredited Coach Supervisor, MCC, 'Coaching 4 coaches'

‘I’m very happy with the leadership program I followed. Heidi listened to my needs, and we discussed some challenging cases. She adapted strongly to my current situation and my actual leadership challenges. I got insight in how to deliver feedback, how to motivate people and set up performance management processes, to mention just a few topics. We discussed some tools that I still work with today. Heidi gave me some interesting feedback on my leadership style and what I could improve. The leadership program contributed strongly to my growth as a leader. Shortly after finishing the program, I got promoted from Director to a C-level position. I would recommend this program to others’

Tineke Monteyne- COO Bong Retail SolutionsTineke Monteyne, COO, 'Bong Retail Solutions'

‘I would like to thank you for the coaching and the given advice/ tips. Although I was reticent at the beginning of the process, I now have to admit that it really had an impact on me, on my way of interpreting events and people’s reactions. I still use the outcome of our coaching daily.’

Séverine Cantella, Head of Real Estate Consultancy, 'Drees & Sommer'