Are you a C-level manager, director, or entrepreneur who is stuck in a career rut?

In my career, I have worked alongside hundreds of accomplished C-level managers and entrepreneurs who, like you, at some point simply run out of steam – yet never quite lose that desire to achieve more, in both your career and your life. Maybe you want to move on to bigger and better things but lack a clear vision and direction and feel a sense of drift. And because what you are doing in your life is not fulfilling enough, you don’t have enough energy to break free from the rut you’ve found yourself in.

For senior managers like you, another significant problem may be that your seniority means that your time is tied up with your work and with providing opportunities for career growth to your colleagues, rather than thinking about your own development. Over time, you can lose focus on where your talents lie and which ones you can leverage more. And you may not be getting input on personal life factors either. You may be in desperate need of another senior manager outside your everyday circle – one with rich and varied career and life experience. You may want to bounce ideas off that person and to start to plan some specific steps forward in your career and life.

This where I come in – someone with the senior management experience, coaching expertise and life experience that can help you overcome the obstacles that you are facing. And those obstacles can be overcome, with the first step being a Talent Scan, which will inject some much-needed momentum into your career and life trajectory.

‘Heidi is very good at evaluating the capability of the person with systematic approach and multi-dimensional view’.

Jaekil Joo, Global General Manager, 'Bosch'

How will you benefit from a Talent Scan?

Every role you desire will require a range of professional and personal competencies that are fundamental to success. A Talent Scan will help you to know how far you are likely to fulfil these competencies already. The information from your Talent Scan is your springboard to help us move to the next stage, which involves putting together a meaningful development plan that aims to plug any gaps in your competencies and to lay down milestones on your professional development journey.

A Talent Scan is focused in one of four main ways:

Person: career-focused

The initiative for the Talent Scan comes from you as an individual leader, who wants to move on in your career. You may not know which direction to take. Your desired outcome is to take the next step forward in your career, whether to another role or to develop yourself in your current position and achieve even greater success.

Person: life-focused

The initiative for the Talent Scan comes from you as an individual leader, who wants to take a rounded look at your whole life. You may need objective feedback about your strengths and weaknesses and a holistic approach to making adjustments that add value throughout your life – in your career, your relationships and your social life.


The initiative for the Talent Scan comes from your HR department as a whole. Your organisation may want to know, for example, how much potential you have for further growth or obtain an objective assessment of your suitability for a variety of roles in the organisation. For HR departments, the Talent Scan is a tool that helps them to take action relating to your professional development.

Line manager-focused

The initiative for the Talent Scan comes from your manager. The focus is on supportively optimising your performance in your current role and identifying concrete opportunities for your development in that role.

What will your Talent Scan involve?

We will meet face-to-face or online for one full day, during which I will identify and evaluate a range of your professional competencies and personal qualities. You can choose to communicate with me in English, French, German or Dutch. I will undertake this evaluation by administering methodologically-proven assessment tools appropriate to you. I will then analyse the data that this assessment day yields, in conjunction your desired career goals, and prepare your individual development report with practical development tips, which you will receive within just 24 hours. We will discuss this report face-to-face (or online) and together create a customized hitlist of key leadership development objectives.

How can you be sure your Talent Scan will add value?

Every Talent Scan that I provide is far more than just the completion of a standardised checklist. As a highly experienced leadership coach, I will choose the assessment tools that best suit your goals. I will then bring to bear my psychological and HR expertise, teasing out of you the fine details of your competencies and personal qualities. With my specialist training and expertise, I analyse all the information obtained with objectivity and impartiality. Yet I also add into the equation my senior management and personal experience in a way that goes beyond the mechanical analysis of hard data to take into consideration your personal experience, qualities, and goals. The outputs from this process will shape the practical development tips that will be unique to you and your leadership development journey.