Why take part in a group workshop?

Leadership development is a rolling and evolving process. Even after hitting the milestones set out in your individual development plan and your coaching sessions, there will be more to learn. Group work with fellow executives and entrepreneurs who have followed a similar trajectory to you will have most value for you at this stage. My clients say that sharing experience, best practice, and mutual feedback in sessions are what give them most value. You will come away from the workshop with fresh inspiration and vision, a boost to your impact as a leader, a wider network and some tools to leverage your skills further and widen your network.

‘The 2 days workshop“leading with even more impact” was a unique experience. Top Level. Very enriching. The inspiring theoretical framework helped me to identify my strengths and areas to grow as a leader. Thanks to the highly personal approach of Heidi and the contribution of like-minded peers in a small group, I feel inspired to start working with what I have learned. Heidi is an authority in her field. She radiates confidence. She allowed me and the other participants to share our concerns about leadership in a safe environment. Heidi highlighted and reinforced each participant’s strengths. Although I realized that I still have some areas to develop, I left the workshop with a lot of energy and with more self-confidence.’

Nick Verstraete, Chief Technology Officer, ‘Solventure’

What will your group workshop involve?

Your group workshop will take place over two days at an exclusive 5-star location with a small group of up to 5 other like-minded leaders. An online follow-up session will consolidate what you learnt in the workshop.  The workshop will be in English or Dutch.

In group sessions, I facilitate your learning from each other and adapt the session structure to the needs of all attendees. I introduce to you psychological tools designed to maximise your people management skills, such as how to connect with and read people, achieve more influence, and how to understand what makes each individual tick and drive them forward.

The sessions will be highly interactive and individualised, tailored around the cases you bring, your challenges and goals. Sessions frequently involve practising strategies for dealing with challenging leadership scenarios, for example, how to deal with conflict and giving negative feedback.

How can you be sure your group workshop will add value?

Working with a small group of other like-minded leaders will optimise the impact of your interactions, while enabling me to craft and implement a highly personalised approach for each group and each member. My clients have praised this approach as very pragmatic, with an excellent balance between theory and practice. If you subscribe to the complete Accelerate program, you get the group workshop as a bonus included in your package.