Why have coaching sessions with Heidi?

Following your Talent Scan, and armed with your ‘Individual Development Report’, you will now be on the right development road – but still very much at the start of it, with the finishing flag way in the distance. It’s one thing knowing which road to go down, but another thing going down it. So regular coaching sessions are where the rubber hits the road and, alongside me, you will systematically hit the development milestones in your life and/or career that we identified.

What will your coaching sessions involve?

If you opt for the Accelerate Program, your package will include 10 hours of ‘Individual Impact’ coaching sessions, spread over a maximum of 6 months (in English, French, German or Dutch). Each session will review progress so far and cover one or more specific objectives systematically.

You also get a customized leadership growth toolkit with easy-to-use tips and tricks, complemented by WhatsApp support from me throughout the program to make sure you hit your objectives, overcoming barriers along the way.

You can also book coaching sessions with me without participating in the Accelerate Program.

How can you be sure your coaching sessions will add value?

I am sure that my expertise will impress you, but what may really motivate you to work with me are my personal qualities.  From my very first meeting with you, I will seek to strike up a professional, stable, and trusting working relationship. I will tap into my psychological training and professional experience to work sensitively and responsively with you on career plans that will enable you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. And believe me, I walk the talk, as a senior manager, as a wife, as a mum of a boy and a girl now safely into their twenties, as an avid culture vulture, and as a keen dancer, runner and tennis-player.

Testimonials personal coaching

On the personal level, countless clients of mine can testify to the effectiveness and attentiveness of my personal coaching approach.

‘Heidi created a safe coaching space in a very personalized way, that matched my needs. And I could work deep on my motivation drivers to bring the most authentic self to the conversation. Heidi was bringing me out of my comfort zone in relevant moments. I was challenged beyond my comfort zone with being pushed. It enabled me to meet my new self and welcome it.’

Jan Liska, Global Patient Strategy Lead- SanofiJan Liska, Global Patient Strategy Lead, 'Sanofi'

‘Heidi is a fantastic executive coach! During very inspiring coaching sessions, she gave me a series of easy-to-use tips and tricks to perform well in my new challenging role. While staying close to my core values, I manage to prioritize high-level strategic topics over operational tasks, to practice new concepts on delegating assignments to colleagues, to relax mentally and very importantly to ENJOY.’

Kristine De Sutter, Managing Director, 'Ablynx'