How to excel as a global leader with high impact and a high quality of life.

The Accelerate Program is only for ambitious C-level leaders, directors or entrepreneurs.

You feel it is time to take your leadership skills to the next level. You aim for a stronger impact as a high-potential leader and people manager.

How would your life be if you could grow as a leader while at the same time have a sustainable lifestyle, grow in your confidence to delegate, and make a real, sustained impact on people and organizations?

The Accelerate program will take you to that place, to that life.

‘The Accelerate program I followed with Heidi was very challenging and enriching. Thanks to the coaching program, I have gained much more insight in myself and my role, leading to a better performance. During the individual coaching sessions, I learned to take more distance and put the organizational goal first. Heidi challenged me over and over again to leave my comfort zone, what I needed at that moment. In addition, it was very enriching to follow two days leadership training with a very good mix of theory and practice. I went home with a lot of useful tools for my daily functioning.  In sum, I am now standing confidently in my role and look forward to what the future holds.’

Thibault Geerardyn, Director Rikolto in Belgium

How are we going to achieve this transformation?

Part 1:

We meet face-to-face or online for one day, for a comprehensive Talent Scan. This results in your individual development report with practical development tips, which you receive within just 24 hours.

Part 2:

The day after your talent scan, we discuss face-to-face your Individual Development Report. Together we create a customized hitlist of key leadership development objectives.

Part 3:

You benefit from 10 hours of individual impact coaching sessions, spread over a maximum of one year, to enable you to hit your objectives systematically. You also get:

  • a customized leadership growth toolkit with easy-to-use tips and tricks
  • WhatsApp support from me throughout the program to make sure you hit your objectives, eliminating barriers along the way.

Bonus 1

A 2-day group leadership workshop on boosting your impact as a leader, at an exclusive 5-star location with a small group of like-minded leaders.

Bonus 2

An online follow-up session will deepen what you learnt in the workshop.

What will you get from the Accelerate program?

If you sign up for the Accelerate program, you will gain a deeper insight into who you are as a leader – your personality, your competencies, your motivational drivers, your talents but also your areas for growth.

I synthesise these insights in the form of your personal development plan, which we then use as a guide throughout your leadership journey.

You will learn how to leverage your leadership style to achieve outstanding results, gaining tools to connect better with people and identify their talents and mastering new ways to enable you to delegate more effectively.

You will benefit from my pragmatic, tailor-made advice in English, French, German or Dutch on how to communicate with more impact, transforming your mindset so that you go from just Good to Great!, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

‘Thanks to Heidi’s Accelerate program, a new world opened up for me in terms of self-development. The initial Talent Scan made me aware of my skill set, both strengths and possible pitfalls. Especially the realization that it was time to invest in my own development, as there had never been time or opportunity to do so at work … The individual coaching sessions taught me to think and react in a different way. Heidi asked pertinent questions, to trigger the appropriate thought process to get to the adequate action plan myself. She was available via WhatsApp throughout the year, so we could spar very quickly if needed. Just wonderful! The workshop with other C-level leaders was very enriching. I feel I am now more aware, more mature in my role, work more strategically and am emotionally stronger. Instead of reacting on automatic pilot, I more often pause, reflect and evaluate the best response in a certain situation. I have gained more self-confidence, delegate more and put my energy into what really matters. At the same time, I experience more peace of mind and less stress because I can consciously take distance, which ultimately helps reaching (better) outcomes and results.’

Ethel Vissers, Chief Commercial Officer, ‘Astrum’