How to excel as a global leader with high impact and a high quality of life.

Are you an ambitious C-level leader or director with a background in science or engineering working in pharma, services or manufacturing?
Is it time for you to take your leadership skills to the next level?
Do you want to leverage those skills, applying them in an expanded professional sphere?
Are you aiming for a stronger impact as a high-potential leader and people manager?

How to excel as a global leader with high impact and a high quality of life

Perhaps you are also wondering:

  • How can I handle an even greater workload without ‘burnout’?

  • How can I stay in good health and maintain a good work/life balance?

  • How can I be sure people are buying into my leadership?

Imagine having a highly-skilled executive coach by your side as a partner in your leadership growth – someone you can talk to, share your worries with, and someone to act as a sparring partner.

How would your life be if you could grow as a leader while at the same time have a sustainable lifestyle, grow in your confidence to delegate, and make a real, sustained impact on people and organizations?

The Accelerate program will take you to that place, to that life.

What you will get from the Accelerate program?

  • Deeper insight into who you are as a leader – your personality, your competencies, your motivational drivers, your talents – but also your areas for growth

  • How to leverage your leadership style to achieve outstanding results

  • Tools to connect better with people and identify their talents

  • New ways to enable you to delegate more effectively

  • Pragmatic, tailor-made advice on how to communicate with more impact

  • A mindset shift to go from “good” to “great!”, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • A personal development plan – to guide you throughout your leadership journey