Assessing your needs
Unlocking your potential
Boosting your performance

Some reactions from participants in an assessment centre:

Dear Heidi, I just studied the report, and I fully agree to it. Marvellous, your ability to find out about a person's abilities and character without knowing him longer than a couple of hours only. Somehow frightening... ;-) So, many thanks again!

K.S, Germany

Let me share it with you that it has been very interesting exercise for me ever in my professional career. It has really enlighten me in terms of enriched experience I had during the process and the learning I got through the process. I really like the role play and the case study session during the assessment process, I believe that it has really brushed up my knowledge and experience and has turned out to be a memorable experience for me in my career.

S.G., India

Dear Heidi,thanks a lot for the prompt feedback. The report is really detailed and very interesting to read. Great work, really.

W.S., Germany

Good afternoon, To clarify… The feedback received from Heidi Kempenaers, was great and professionally handled, it was a good constructive session and cleared up in my mind any blockers that may have been in my way during the application for the role in question.

G.B., United Kingdom

Some reactions from participants in a development centre:

Good morning Heidi, Many thanks for your hospitality yesterday. I had a very constructive day and a learned a lot.

A.A, The Netherlands

Hi Heidi, I have read the development report and I fully agree. Thank you so much, You made sure that I know now what my strengths and my weaknesses are.

V.H.S., Belgium

Some reactions from my customers:

Heidi knows very well how to assess candidates. It is striking how much the contents in the assessment report resemble the actual behavior of the person in the work place. I have never come across an accuracy like that before.

J-C. C, France

Thanks Heidi, X has signed ! Thank you so much. The business unit manager was very happy with your feedback. After having interviewed the candidates himself your feedback made it possible to take the right decision and finalize the hiring.

J.L., Belgium

Hello Heidi, Thanks for the quick service! I can communicate to you with pride (and relief) that X agreed to our proposition and signed his contract. Congratulations to you for making this possible.

M.V.D., Belgium

Heidi, you gave us a splendid training. Not one second was wasted. Thank you so much!

H.C., Belgium

Heidi is a very good sparring partner when things get rough. She is a very good coach and she stays right beside you. She really has a lot of added value for our business.

K.M., Belgium

Some reactions from my coachees:

Heidi is a very good coach. By using effective methods she gave me new insights and the necessary push in the right direction. Ze constantly reminded me of my goal and gave me tips to reach it. Heidi inspires me with her positive mindset and her down to earth approach.

S.V., Belgium

Thank you again Heidi for your time last week, that has helped me to refine, sharpen and better focus my Personal Strategic Plan.I’m joining my recent appointment note for seniorisation in my current role. Our coaching sessions have been very helpful to guide my management towards a note that’s focused and clear on tangible deliveries and transversal leadership capabilities. So thank you for being here in the right timing and in the right manner ☺

J.L., France