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Some cases

I work on a continuous basis with market leaders in all kinds of sectors and have a profound experience in assessing and developing highly educated professionals living abroad. References can be provided on request. For each HR challenge, I find a tailor made solution. You are not likely to find standard HR software, nor heavy HR processes within my services. On the contrary, I really want to get an in depth understanding of you and your business, your concerns, your HR and business strategy, your personnel. In short, I want to understand your needs and provide answers. Every HR solution is unique to me, just like you, your company, your talents, your employees and your demands. Some examples to illustrate this:

Development centre and coaching

I am currently assessing the leadership potential of their international business managers for a global player in the pharmaceutical industry. I am assessing leadership competencies in various locations across Europe and providing detailed analyses of them in reports, which are then shared with the participants during individual feedback sessions. A number of individual coaching sessions take place straight after the development centre, and follow-up is provided afterwards by individual coaching sessions on the phone or face-to-face.

What our customer told us:

“I have witnessed nothing but the highest level of professionalism in our partership. The participants feedback always highlighted the quality of her coaching deliveries and we are very confident in her abilities and wish to continue our partnership.”

You can also rely on me to assess the leadership potential of your management and assure yourself of a personal development plan for each participant.

Assessment centre and HR training

I trained the internal HR managers of a market leader in a particular industry in how to conduct an assessment centre. Together with the HR managers, we designed a European assessment centre for young graduates, and conducted it effectively; this resulted in the selection of a strong team of international management trainees.

What our customer told us:

“The project went very well. Heidi is a consultant with a strong expertise in assessment and a high focus on quality.”

You can also benefit from my expertise to develop an assessment centre tailored to your business, to train your HR staff and thus select new employees in a successful and cost-effective manner.

HR Interim Management

I worked alongside the human resources department of a market leader in telecoms and recruited new employees, developed a business game for high potentials, coached business managers, delivered HR training, and developed a tailor made assessment centre.

What our customer told us:

“Heidi represents quality: her selection reports are thorough, accurate and well founded. Despite the fact that she is only present on a 2 days a week base, she follows up her files perfectly. She is well integrated in our team. The business managers look at her as a fully committed advisor to their business needs.”

You can also enjoy the benefits of my HR and business expertise if you have a temporary need in your HR department; I will make sure your HR processes get a boost.